BUILDING inclusive cultures THAT improve INDIVidual, group and organIzational performance


OUR Mission

We help organizations identify and address cultural gaps through evidence-based practical solutions, to create and nurture diverse, inclusive, and emotionally intelligent workplaces that mitigate the risk of misconduct and accelerate business performance.


A diagnostic Approach

Engagement Surveys can help you keep score, but they are often too superficial to unearth long-standing cultural issues that drive real employee discontent and create areas of organizational risk.

When companies as well-intended as Google experience employee walkouts, it's clear that traditional techniques are failing us.

We take a more diagnostic approach at the beginning of every assignment, by assessing the six conditions that our experience has shown to be necessary for active workforce engagement.


Accordant’s Six Conditions for Active Engagement

The level of Trust throughout the organization

The degree of Diversity and Inclusion

The Emotional Intelligence of your leaders and managers

The sense of Purpose across the workforce

The level of Efficacy associated with the work 

The confidence of every colleague to Speak Truth to Power


This diagnostic approach creates a sense of focus and priorities for us to recommend evidence-based solutions that will have the greatest impact on your organization.  




Diversity & inclusion strategies

Diversity and Inclusion initiatives must align with broader business strategies if they are to take root and transform your workplace.

Accordant combines a proven data-driven approach to establish diversity and inclusion as a business imperative with operational processes to drive sustainable change across your organization.

Our programs are designed to help you elevate Diversity and Inclusion from a Human Resources initiative to a foundational pillar of your organizational culture. 


emotional intelligence

It is no longer possible, or desirable, to have your employees “leave their emotions at the door.”

Transforming command and control cultures into inclusive workplaces of coaching and collaboration requires higher levels of emotional intelligence. 

Accordant Co-CEO, Andrew Faas, has been a long-time supporter of The Yale Center of Emotional Intelligence, whose ground-breaking research has informed our development of workshops, programs and processes that can help you develop a more emotionally intelligent workforce.  


coaching & mentoring

Leadership requires more than symbolic compliance, it requires instinctive behaviors that support your organizational goals and values. 

Operational changes are important but truly inclusive workplaces are driven by adaptive changes across your management team.   

Our executive coaching programs identify immunities to desired changes that serve to undermine workforce inclusion, and develop personal action plans to drive authentic and sustainable behavioral change. 


the covenant model


The annual performance review has had its day. But do informal weekly check-ins and constant online surveys serve employees or employers any better?

Accordant’s Covenant is a value exchange model which establishes the framework to build constructive and positive workplace relationships. 

Managers are given the tools to set out the clear expectations they have of employees in terms of performance, behaviors and attitudes.

The employee is then given the opportunity to solicit what they need in return to deliver on those expectations. 

Once agreement is reached, it becomes their Covenant. 

Regular check-ins can then be focused to ensure that the commitments and expectations on both sides are being met.   



We are management advisors with a background in business operations, academic research, organizational leadership and emotional intelligence.  

We combine academic rigor with the realities of the workplace and transform evidence-based research and human insights into practical business solutions. 




S. Shariq yosufzai

S. Shariq Yosufzai spent over 30 years in global leadership positions at Chevron, Texaco and Caltex, including Vice President, Global Diversity, Chevron Corporation, where he was responsible for Chevron’s Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) and Ombuds functions, and oversaw the company’s strategic partnerships with universities and professional societies.

In 2015, Chevron received the prestigious Catalyst Award for innovative organizational approaches in the advancement of women. Mr. Yosufzai was selected as one of the 2015 “Top 50 Diversity Professionals in Industry” worldwide by The Economist’s Global Diversity List and in 2017 was named among the “Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business” by the Asian American Business Development Center.


andrew faas

Andrew Faas is an author, philanthropist and management advisor specializing in creating psychologically healthy workplaces.

Before beginning his philanthropic career, he held senior executive positions for over 35 years at two of Canada’s largest organizations, Weston/Loblaw and Shoppers Drug Mart.

He leads The Faas Foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting not-for-profit organizations concerned with workplace wellbeing and other fields of personal health and research.

His latest book, From Bully to Bull’s Eye: Move Your Organization out of the Line of Fire, provides a manual for identifying toxic work environments with the tools for managers and employees to transform their organization into a positive place for productivity, innovation and creativity.

Andy is a Public Voices Fellow at Yale University and a contributing writer for The Hill and


Dr. Vicki vandaveer

Dr. Vicki Vandaveer has worked with executive leaders and their leadership teams to enhance their personal and organizational performance for more than 30 years.  

She served as an internal organizational psychologist and mid-level manager for two Fortune 50 organizations, followed by the past 25 years as an independent business organizational consulting psychologist. 

She has significant international experience and has focused her practice in:

Organizational Assessment and Change

Executive Development Coaching

Leadership Team Development

Executive & Professional Assessment

Diversity & Inclusion


Patrick Mundt

Patrick Mundt is Executive Director of The Faas Foundation which promotes wellness in all aspects of society through basic research, healthcare and education. Patrick is also a founding member of the Yale/Faas Foundation “Core Group” for the Emotion Revolution in the Workplace.

Patrick is known for his work as an entrepreneur and visionary. He rode the technology “tidal wave” in the 1990’s with Oracle Corporation and retired from corporate life in 2002 after the company, signonline inc, he founded as part of the founding executive board was acquired by Wave Technologies.


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