Engagement Surveys can help you keep score, but they are often too superficial to unearth long-standing cultural issues that drive real employee discontent and create areas of organizational risk.

When premier, well-intended public companies experience employee unrest, it is clear that new techniques are needed.

At the beginning of every assignment, we first get to know your company – its unique history, vision for its future, the expectations your stakeholders have, and the expectations you have of them.

Then we work with you and your team to systemically assess your culture, and eight attributes that research has shown are important for creating cultures that fully engage stakeholders toward achieving organizational goals. 


Accordant’s CORE Conditions for Active Engagement

The level of Trust throughout the organization

the security people have

The degree of Diversity and Inclusion

The sense of Purpose across the workforce

The level of Efficacy associated with the work 

The confidence of every colleague to Speak Truth to Power

a sense of camaraderie between stakeholders

the emotional intelligence of your leaders and managers


This diagnostic approach creates a sense of focus and priorities for us to recommend evidence-based solutions that will have the greatest impact on your organization.